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Technical Error in Samsung’s U.K. Website Exposes Customers’ Data

Smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. revealed that a technical glitch on its U.K. website temporarily exposed the private information of around 150 customers. The issue came to light after some of its customers reported that they were able to access information of other customers on the website.

The South Korean manufacturer said the error exposed customer data including names, contact details, addresses, email IDs, and details of previous orders. However, the company clarified that only its U.K. customers were affected, and no credit card and financial information were exposed in the incident. Samsung halted all user logins into the website, after it became aware of the error until the issue was resolved. The company also stated that it will notify the affected customers.

Technical Glitches in Samsung Galaxy S10

In October 2019, Samsung issued an apology after a user reported technical issues with fingerprint recognition on its flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone. The user stated that she bought a new US$3.50 screen protector for her Galaxy S10 device and then registered her fingerprint for its on-screen fingerprint recognition security feature. She later realized that her husband was able to unlock her phone even without registering his fingerprint with the mobile phone’s fingerprint reader. To double-check this flaw, she asked her sister to unlock the phone using her fingerprint and to her surprise, this worked as well.

It is a known fact that smartphone biometric security features are not as secure as they claim to be but fooling the Samsung Galaxy S10 device with a mere US$3.50 screen protector is difficult to digest. This is not the first time that Samsung faced issues with its biometric security features. Previously, Samsung’s other flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8, was laced with facial and iris recognition biometric security feature issues.