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NULLCON to Launch 11th Edition of Cybersecurity Conference in Goa, India


All roads lead to Goa, India’s tourist destination, next week, for the NULLCON 2020 Conference.  NULLCON, Asia’s leading information security conference, training and exhibition platform is all set to happen on March 6 and 7, 2020 at the Taj Hotel & Convention Centre, Dona Paula, Goa. It is one of the largest information security conferences where hackers, industry experts, vendors, delegates from the government, CISOs and other C-Suite executives come together to discuss the current scenario of information security and what lies ahead.

NULLCON started in 2010 and this is the 11th edition of the conference and exhibition. NULLCON offers extensive platforms, technical sessions, panels, and training workshops for the exchange of information about zero-day vulnerabilities, latest attack vectors, and other cyberthreats. Here, security researchers and experts from various fields discuss information security, along with showcasing multiple offensive and defensive security technologies.

The brand NULLCON was derived from “null” – the open security community, a registered not-for-profit society and the largest active security community in India.

Here are some of the highlights of the 11th edition of NULLCON.

NULLCON – Surveillance and Zero-Day:  

  1. Talk: The Metadata Trap: Whistleblowers in the Age of Surveillance and Big Data

Speaker: Micah Lee, Director of Information Security at The Intercept https://nullcon.net/website/goa-2020/speakers/micah-lee.php

Micah will discuss the evidence used against the eight (so far) U.S. government workers that the Trump Administration has prosecuted for talking to and sharing documents with the media, and what this means for the safety of whistleblowers in a world where everything we do is being logged. The surveillance is global, so the lessons are global as well.

  1. Talk: How KRACKing Amazon Echo exposed a billion+ vulnerable Wi-Fi devices

Speaker: Robert Lipovsky, Senior Malware Researcher at ESET


This talk will discuss Wi-Fi zero-day vulnerabilities involved in KRACKing Amazon Echo and Kindle. The attack, which could enable adversaries to decrypt wireless network packets, affects Wi-Fi chipsets used in over a billion devices.

NULLCON – macOS/iOS Security:

  1. Talk: Putting it all together: building an iOS jailbreak from scratch

Speaker: Umang Raghuvanshi, Security Researcher, specializing in iOS kernel and browser exploitation.


This talk will discuss in detail how iOS devices can be jailbroken.

  1. Talk: KTRW: The journey to build a debuggable iPhone

Speaker: Brandon Azad, Security Researched, at Google Project Zero


This talk will discuss a high severity bug found in Apple devices where a local attacker can gain elevated privileges on Apple TvOS and is assigned CVE-2020-3837.

NULLCON – Legal and Policy:

Panel Discussion: Hack the law: Protection for ethical cybersecurity research in India”

Moderator: Apar Gupta, Executive Director, Internet Freedom Foundation


This Panel Discussion will clearly assess the legal landscape, the needs of cybersecurity experts in India and the necessary legal reforms. The focus will be on different government policy and legislative initiatives such as the Cyber Security Policy, the Information Technology Act, Data Protection Bill and even sometimes tertiary laws such as defamation.

To register for a NULLCON Goa 2020 complimentary conference media pass (6th & 7th
March 2020):  https://nullcon.net/website/media-pass.php

CISO MAG’s editor Brian Pereira will be onsite to cover the NULLCON 2020 Conference in Goa.