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Common Web Application Attacks

Amidst the pandemic, there has been an exponential rise in the number of businesses embracing digital transformations like web applications to streamline their workload...

What is Web Application Security and Why it is Important

The emerging and advanced technologies in the digital age create new security challenges for cybersecurity specialists. The application security vulnerability is the latest threat...

Web Application Risks You Are Likely to Face

While there is no guarantee to evade web application risks completely, having a basic idea of the risks can go a long way in...

Attention Gamers! Your Cybersecurity Score Matters

Cybercriminals and ransomware operators often play with their hacking skills, targeting victims for sensitive information. Despite enhanced security measures, threat actors targeted all sectors...

Web Application Attacks Increases 8x in H1 2020

A cybersecurity report from cloud security provider CDNetworks revealed that distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), web application, and botnet attacks have surged exponentially in H1 2020...

Web Application Threat! U.S. Retailers More Vulnerable than European Counterparts

Outpost24, an innovator in identifying and managing cybersecurity exposure, stated that online sales surged by 30% globally in the wake of the pandemic, which...

DDoS Attacks and Credential Abuse Doubling Year-on-Year: Akamai

The key message that came through at the Akamai Edge Live APAC Virtual Summit 2020 on  July 2, 2020, was that the nature of...

Attacks on Web Applications Surged in 2019: Report

A research study from cybersecurity firm SonicWall revealed that cyberattacks on web applications increased by 52 percent in 2019. The research report, “SonicWall Cyber...