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Sinclair Broadcast Group Network Encrypted with Ransomware — Operations Disrupted

In a span of five months, yet another media company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, has been a victim of a ransomware attack. The threat actors...

Rockwell Automation Acquires Avnet Data Security; Expands Cybersecurity Capabilities

Rockwell Automation, a digital transformation and industrial automation company, recently acquired cybersecurity firm Avnet Data Security. The acquisition deal integrates the extensive knowledge of...

Cybersecurity startup Securicy Data Solutions raises $1.2 million

Securicy Data Solutions Ltd recently secured $1.2 million in funding from private equity firms and angel investors, including Hub Angels, Panache Ventures, and Concrete...

Fintech: Rooted in the Past, Borrowed from the Future

New innovations in financial technology tend to be discussed as if the financial industry is only now being impacted by technological innovation. The fact...

Cybersecurity pit stop necessary for connected cars

We are inching toward an era where every car of the future will sip fuel, tick all econoboxes, and finally will be an extension...

Russia meddled with UK’s telecom systems, confirms NCSC chief

The United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) chief Ciaran Martin confirmed that Russian hackers targeted the country's telecommunications systems, media, and energy networks...

Culprits behind massive Malaysian leak identified

The culprits behind the recent online breach in Malaysia which compromised data of nearly 46 million mobile phone subscribers have been identified. The details...

IS’s “unhackable” news site hacked by Muslim hactivists

Hours after the terrorist Islamic State (IS) claimed it was unhackable, Muslim hacking collective called Di5s3nSi0N hacked into the network and published a list...

AIG to provide cyber insurance from Q1 2018

To ensure that customers are covered if they become victim of a security breach, the American International Group (AIG) on October 26 said it...

Same hackers may be behind BadRabbit and NotPetya malware: Security Researchers

Two days after it was reported that a malware called ‘BadRabbit’ targeted Ukraine, Russia, Japan, Turkey, and Bulgaria, security researchers at Cisco’s Talos unit...