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HTML Smuggling – A Novel Malware Deploying Technique

Like creating various malware variants, cybercriminals often find new techniques to deploy malware and evade security scans. As per a report from Microsoft 365...

How to Know if Your Smartphone is Hacked?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person without a smartphone. With the ease of technology, the proliferation of smartphone culture has also brought in...

Alert, Facebook Users! That Copyright Complaint Could be Malicious

It’s a common practice for threat actors to exploit users’ social media handles for their illicit activities. From malware payloads to hacking tools, attackers...

Has Your Organization Addressed These 3 Common Employee Habits?

Cybersecurity risks are a major concern for most organizations globally. Cyberattacks are often seen as threats from outside, but sometimes inadvertent actions from employees...

Multiple Indian Banks Encounter Phishing Attacks

Sensitive financial information is always a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Threat actors often use advanced techniques in their phishing campaigns to harvest victims’ banking...

Infamous Emotet Malware Campaign Disrupted in an International Action

Law enforcement authorities across Europe and judicial agencies worldwide have disrupted the operations of Emotet, an infamous malware strain that affected multiple organizations over...

Five Phishing Baits You Need to Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

Protecting sensitive information from threat actors is a concern for both individuals and organizations. Despite their continuous efforts to secure digital assets, cybercriminals are...

Microsoft.com Spoofed in Spear Phishing Campaign; Microsoft 365 Users Targeted

Cybersecurity experts from Ironscales identified an organized spear phishing campaign targeting Microsoft 365 users in multiple business sectors including financial services, insurance, health care,...

Find the Fake! FBI Warns About Spoofed Website Domain Names

The FBI is warning users to be vigilant about fraudulent websites impersonating FBI-related domain names. In a security release, the FBI stated that it...

6 Steps to Boost your Online Security

The year 2020 is certainly considered as the year of change. The pandemic has changed/impacted every facet of life — from the way we...