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Ask Yourself These 4 Questions Before Shopping Online

E-commerce has reshaped the shopping habits of consumers. From the convenience of buying at one’s fingertips to the endless discounted deals, online stores have...

Hackers Target Office 365 Users with SurveyMonkey Phishing Campaign

Security researchers from Abnormal Security discovered a new phishing campaign targeting Microsoft Office 365 users via a legitimate SurveyMonkey domain to evade security filters....

Hackers Hide Phishing Links Inside .ics Calendar Invitations

Threat actors are finding innovative methods to phish people into clicking/downloading malicious links or entering sensitive information on fake forms. In a recent security...

1 in 5 Risky Links Contain Hidden Malware: Report

Opening or downloading malicious links or attachments could result in severe security issues. With employees working remotely across the globe,  corporate data security has...

PII of Thousands of Users Exposed in Multi-Stage Bitcoin Scam

Threat intelligence firm Group-IB discovered personal records of thousands of users from the U.K., the U.S., South Africa, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and other...

COVID-19 Cyberthreats Spike in India, Brazil, and the U.K.: Google

Google has warned about the emerging COVID-19 cyberthreats in India, Brazil, and the U.K. The search engine giant stated that attackers are using malware...

“You’re Exposed to Coronavirus” Says Phishing Email

With cybercriminals taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic, we continue to see malware attacks, weaponized websites, and phishing attacks to trick people into opening...