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Hundreds of Users Impacted in Twitter and Facebook Data Breach

Facebook and Twitter admitted that hundreds of users inadvertently gave access to their personal data through third-party apps. The companies stated the affected users...

Twitter Now Allows Users to Disable SMS-based 2FA

Twitter users must be glad after the microblogging service announced that from now users can disable the SMS-based 2FA method for their accounts and...

Macy’s Hit by Magecart Card-Skimming Attack

Macy's, an American department store chain, stated that its customers have been hit by an attack that affected countless numbers of credit cards. The...

Ransomware Hits Louisiana State Government Systems

The Louisiana state government fell victim to a ransomware attack again. John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana, revealed that a ransomware infection had taken...

LA Attorney Urges People to Avoid Public Charging Stations

The Los Angeles District Attorney urged travelers to avoid public USB power charging stations in hotels, airports, and other public locations. In a security...

Hackers Demand US$ 5 Million in Ransom from Mexico’s Pemex

Pemex, a Mexican state-owned petroleum company is the latest victim of a ransomware attack. The attackers demanded around US$5 million ransom in bitcoins to...

Google Partners with Ascension for “Project Nightingale”

Search engine giant Google recently unveiled an alliance with the U.S.’s popular health-care systems provider Ascension to design an AI-driven software. Under the alliance, named...

Researchers Uncover Mass Malware Attack

Security experts discovered a Mass Malware Distribution campaign that using popular political personalities in the U.S. including President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton with a...

Researchers find vulnerability in Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbells

Security researchers stated that a flaw in Amazon’s Ring Video Doorbell Pro IoT device could have given hackers unauthorized access to the user's wi-fi...

Data Breach at California DMV Affects 3,200 Drivers’ Information

Information of thousands of drivers has been exposed in a data breach at the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that went unnoticed for...