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Adversaries on a Vaccine Trail

To most of the world’s population, COVID-19 vaccines may be the most highly valued commodity today. That is not an exaggeration. While governments around...

On Sale! Fake Vaccines and Bogus COVID Results Flood Dark Web

While the world is in rush to get vaccinated against Coronavirus, opportunistic criminals are misusing the situation to spread fake COVID-19 vaccines. Anne An,...

Adversaries Offer Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Certificates on Darknet Forums

Cybercriminals around the world are taking advantage of the situation and offering everything from counterfeit vaccines to fake vaccination certificates, and test reports. In...

Beware! COVID-19 Vaccine-related Phishing Scams on Rise

As the world steps up to COVID-19 vaccine campaigns, state-sponsored actors are tapping the situation with targeted cyberattacks and scams. From targeting vaccine research...

Minimize COVID-19 Workplace Disruptions, With Help from CISA

COVID-19 has disrupted today’s workplace for the foreseeable future. Beginning in mid-March 2020, employees transitioned in mass from their onsite offices to a variety...

45 Mn Unique Medical Images Exposed Online via Unprotected Servers

Cybersecurity researchers from CybelAngel, a provider of digital risk protection services, uncovered a massive data leak incident that exposed millions of medical-related sensitive images,...

Ransomware Attacks in 2020! These are 4 Most Affected Sectors

From a local food retailer to a multi-national company, ransomware attacks continue to loom over cyberspace. Ransomware operators target victims by encrypting their sensitive...

Beware! Fake COVID-19 Vaccines Circulating on Dark Web

As the world begins preparations to deploy a vaccine for the Coronavirus, law enforcement authorities in the U.K. are warning about imposter vaccine versions...

Old Unpatched Vulnerabilities Could Invoke Cyberattacks and Malware

The “new normal” business operations left most organizations vulnerable to new attack vectors. From database misconfigurations to unpatched vulnerabilities, organizations suffered several challenges in...

Employee Education Singled Out as the Biggest Weakness During the Pandemic

Employee education has been singled out as one of the biggest cybersecurity weaknesses for organizations during the COVID-19 lockdown. According to a Twitter poll...