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McAfee’s Latest SaaS-based Suite Delivers Unified Cybersecurity Solution


McAfee, a cybersecurity company providing device-to-cloud solutions, has extended its MVISION product’s portfolio and now extends cybersecurity for all – endpoints, web, and cloud. With the three-all-in-one software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offering, these suites will help those customers adopting a cloud-first stance and desire a simplified solution for device-to-cloud protection.

What’s more? All three suites include McAfee MVISION Insights, which lends a proactive and actionable threat posture capability that prioritizes risk, predicts the success of countermeasures, and prescribes remedial actions to its customers.

McAfee’s MVISION Suite

The tag line of MVISION suite, “Stop more, manage less, and protect uptime,”  perfectly sums up what the suite does. It allows users to stop a greater number of attacks and empowers them to do so with the least number of tasks to manage thereby protecting their uptime.

In recent months, the very definition of the workplace has expanded.  Thus, McAfee observed a need for a device-to-cloud suite, which would help ensure visibility, and the ability to control and effectively manage cybersecurity across hybrid IT environments. McAfee’s device-to-cloud suite options include:

  • MVISION Advanced: A proactive endpoint threat prevention solution that renders next-gen defense mechanisms and rollback remediation features to protect against the latest forms of ransomware and other advanced malware.
  • MVISION Premium: An endpoint and data protection solution that takes the help of an AI-powered Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP Endpoint), to defend devices and data from advanced attack vectors.
  • MVISION Complete: This is McAfee’s unified endpoint security portfolio with MVISION Unified Cloud Edge, that combines McAfee’s Secure Web Gateway (SWG), advanced DLP, and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to deliver complete device-to-cloud protection. MVISION Complete enables organizations to better safeguard their digital transformation efforts and distributed workforce, with unified threat and data protection across all threat vectors – endpoints, web, and cloud.

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McAfee’s Device-to-Cloud Solution is a Boon

McAfee’s MVISION portfolio has a booster shot with the release of these newly designed suites. It provides security that spans across devices, networks, and clouds. If we dissect it further, McAfee’s device-to-cloud solution provides simple cloud management with better visibility and control; automated responses and updates that increase staff productivity; and unified policies on endpoints, web, and cloud that help lower the total cost of ownership at a time where many organizations are looking to trim budgets.

Anand Ramanathan, Vice President of Product Management, McAfee, said, “Customers are facing a rise in cyber activity that can expose them to damaging threats. At the same time, they are struggling with control, management, and visibility across their organization as they enable their teams to work from anywhere. McAfee device-to-cloud suites provide all-inclusive security that sits alongside an organization’s device and cloud footprint, offering the end-to-end protection that dynamic modern environments need today – and for what may lie ahead.”

These newly launched solutions will be showcased as part of MPOWER Digital 2020, which is McAfee’s virtual event to be held from October 29 through November 13, 2020.

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