Home News Coronation Merchant Bank joins hands with Irish firms on cybersecurity

Coronation Merchant Bank joins hands with Irish firms on cybersecurity

Coronation Merchant Bank, a Nigeria-based investment bank, recently announced its collaboration with the Irish firms to accelerate trade promotion and strengthen cybersecurity capabilities. The cybersecurity collaboration was announced during a courtesy visit by the Irish ambassador Sean Hoy to Nigeria. The latest collaboration is intended to strengthen the bilateral relationship of Irish firms in Nigeria.

“We have already started with some Irish companies in the area of cyber technology. This is an area, as a financial institution, we have to be strong in. As an institution that is going to focus significantly on fintech, our relationship with Irish companies cannot be taken for granted,” said Abubakar Jimoh, CEO of Coronation Merchant Bank. “As an investment bank, we advise institutions that are either trying to come into Nigeria or export to countries like Ireland. We are a very young merchant bank, as we grow bigger and get established.”

Headquartered in Lagos, the Coronation Merchant Bank provides long-term financial solutions to public and private corporations, government entities, and other fintech companies.

 “Today, we are one of the leading countries in fintech. We are working with banks all over the world to provide financial solutions in a world that is becoming forever more complex. In the area of cybersecurity, which we have discussed today with Coronation, we have Irish companies providing specialized services. When I first came to Nigeria in 2014, people were afraid to use a credit card. Now, people are using credit cards all the time,” said Sean Hoy.

In related news, a survey recently revealed that Irish companies face little or no difference in day-to-day operations post Global Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR).  According to the survey by MicroWarehouse, more than half of the Irish companies do not think that the introduction of GDPR has influenced their day-to-day operations.