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Amazon acquires cybersecurity startup Sqrrl


Amazon Web Services acquired Sqrrl Data Inc., a cybersecurity startup. The Massachusetts firm established in 2012 owes its origins to Unites States Intelligence Community and National Security Agency. It has earned a name for itself in the software markets for big data and cybersecurity. The deal is said to be closed above $40 million, however, the actual price hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Mark Terenzoni, CEO of Sqrrl, announced on the website, “We’re thrilled to share that Sqrrl has been acquired by Amazon. We will be joining the Amazon Web Services family, and we’re looking forward to working together on customer offerings for the future. For now, it is business as usual at Sqrrl. We will continue to work with customers to provide advanced threat hunting capabilities. And, over time, we’ll work with AWS to do even more on your behalf. Thank you for your support. We really appreciate the trust customers have put into Sqrrl over the past five years, and we are excited about the next phase of our journey.”

Sqrrl specializes in mapping, analysis, and quick discovering cyber-threats in data. The startup raised nearly $12 million in June 2017 from Accomplice, Spring Lake Equity Partners, Matrix Partners, and Rally Ventures. After taking over Blink in December 2017, a firm manufacturing connected devices such as cameras and video, this is Amazon’s second take over, assumingly to strengthen its cybersecurity measures.