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Lone Wolf, SideCopy APT

Lone Wolf Campaign Targets India and Afghanistan with Commodity RATs

Cyberattacks and malware campaigns against India and its neighboring countries have increased exponentially. Recently, security experts Cisco Talos uncovered a new malware campaign targeting...
Trojans, RAT, remote access trojan, Snip3 Crypter-as-a-Service

Snip3: A New Crypter-as-a-Service that Deploys Multiple RATs

Microsoft discovered a spear-phishing campaign in the wild targeting airline, cargo, and travel industries with multiple Remote Access Trojans (RATs). The technology giant stated...
Pipeline Cybersecurity

Democrats urge US government to boost pipeline cybersecurity

Two Democratic lawmakers urged the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently to strengthen the protection of oil and gas conduits in the United States...
Democratic National Committee

Democrats say suspected cyber attack was actually a phishing test

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) clarified that the suspected hacking attempt on its voter database was actually a simulated phishing test and not the...
Government officials

Former Information Security Bureaucrats, now cybersecurity top guns elsewhere

The Information Security Officers who have walked through regency corridors are now assisting enterprises in constructing their cybersecurity retreats, as the increasing incidents of...
Harvard University

Democrats, Republicans join hands with Harvard to prevent hacking in elections

In the run up to 2018 midterm Congressional elections, bipartisan Harvard panel recently launched a “Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook” to safeguard polling process from hacking...
Nanocore Netwire AsyncRAT, Cloud security, cloud computing

Attackers Exploit Cloud Services to Deploy Nanocore, Netwire, and AsyncRAT

Since digitalization began, there has been a significant increase in organizations turning to cloud computing. Most companies leverage multiple cloud environments to host their...
Black Friday

How to Stay Digitally Safe This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The onset of the festive season drives the retail market into a frenzy. After two years of being home-ridden and extra cautious due to...
HTML Smuggling

HTML Smuggling – A Novel Malware Deploying Technique

Like creating various malware variants, cybercriminals often find new techniques to deploy malware and evade security scans. As per a report from Microsoft 365...
digital assets on dark web forums, Know the Worth of Your Data on the Dark Web Price Index 2021

3 Digital Assets That Are High in Demand on Dark Web Forums

The demand for trading sensitive stolen data and other malicious activities has reached new highs across underground dark web marketplaces. The global pandemic and related...