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3 Digital Assets That Are High in Demand on Dark Web Forums

Digital Assets on Dark Web Forums such as credit/debit card numbers and banking logins are always sought by cybercriminals.

digital assets on dark web forums, Know the Worth of Your Data on the Dark Web Price Index 2021

The demand for trading sensitive stolen data and other malicious activities has reached new highs across underground dark web marketplaces. The global pandemic and related trends fortified various cybercriminals groups to extend their criminal activities. Today, threat actors trade from counterfeit money, stolen credit card details, and compromised login credentials.

By Rudra Srinivas, Senior Feature Writer, CISO MAG

Worth of Stolen Data on Dark Web

Most threat actors seek digital assets on dark web forums such as stolen information in exchange for cryptocurrency. Sometimes, the attackers encrypt victims’ personal data and threaten to leak it on the dark web in exchange for ransom. According to Dark Web Price Index 2021, personal data such as credit card details, online banking credentials, and social media logins are put up for sale on darknet markets at low prices. While online banking logins cost an average of $120, credit card details are available for $150 to $240.

Most Traded Data/Services on Dark Web

While various forms of data are traded on the dark web, some sensitive information is always high on demand. These include:

1. Financial Data

Sensitive financial data such as credit/debit card numbers and banking logins are always a primary target for cybercriminals. Threat actors and their affiliates often purchase this data from the dark web to break into users’ bank accounts and steal money. Regardless of the data type, the goal of cybercriminals is to seek financial advantage. A survey from Verizon unveiled that money remains the key motivator for cybercrimes, as 9 in 10 (86%) data breaches were investigated and proved to be financially driven.

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2. Login Credentials

Attackers leverage stolen login credentials to break into user accounts or launch account takeover attacks. Threat actors often compromise user accounts using stolen credentials, leading to identity thefts and impersonation attacks. Threat actors target social media profiles to harvest sensitive information like images and full names, which is further utilized to compromise other user accounts. Earlier, the FBI issued a warning stating that people involved in such social media trends could be making themselves vulnerable to cyber fraud and scams. Fraudsters could exploit the information posted by users to reset account passwords and take control of the data stored within.

 3. Malware and Exploit Kits

Demand for exploit and malware kits on darknet forums increased dramatically. Cybercriminals and their affiliates purchase these tools to compromise websites by exploiting vulnerabilities, deploying malware, and carrying out other attacks.

Threat actors can easily buy and own malware and ransomware via underground message boards and dark web market networks. The easy availability of malware and malicious tools like ransomware builders, data stealers, Remote Access Trojans (RATs), and other viruses makes adversaries evolve and enhance their hacking techniques.


Your personal data will always be vulnerable, with dark web forums continuing to provide hacking requirements to attackers. It’s high time organizations and users realize the value of their personal data and how it can cause damage if it falls into wrong hands.

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Rudra Srinivas is a Senior Feature Writer and part of the editorial team at CISO MAG. He writes news and feature stories on cybersecurity trends.       

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