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Ukrainian President signs law on cyber security

Ukraine is sprucing its cybersecurity forte by mandating several basic principles for ensuring a secure cyber haven in the country. President Petro Poroshenko has signed the law which “creates the foundations of a national system of cybersecurity as a combination of political, social, economic and information relations, along with organizational, administrative and technical and technological measures of the public and private sectors and civil society,” the press service of the head of state has reported. The president will coordinate activities in the field through National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

According to a report on Ukinform.net, “The law defines the legal and organizational foundations for ensuring the protection of vital interests of citizens, society and the state, the national interests of Ukraine in cyberspace, the powers and responsibilities of state bodies, enterprises, institutions, organizations, individuals and citizens, the basic principles of coordination of their activities, and also basic terms in cybersecurity.”

As per reports, the bill also summaries several vectors of mitigating cyber threats with a key focus on protecting critical infrastructure. The law also explores possibilities of partnering with private agencies and civil societies as well as takes into account several proposals from the European Union and NATO. “The legislative act was developed in compliance with the requirements of the National Security Strategy of Ukraine, which was approved by presidential decree No. 96 of March 15, 2016 on the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated January 27, 2016, on the Cybersecurity Strategy of Ukraine,” the report concludes.