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The Last 11 Email Accounts You’ll Ever Need

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of terrible action movies. Maybe it was just growing up in the 1980s, and there...

Most Phishing Emails Originate from Eastern Europe: Barracuda

Phishing attacks remain a severe threat to small and large organizations globally. It is the most common and popular technique for cybercriminals to pilfer...

4 Common Attack Vectors You Need to Know

Online adversaries always advance their hacking techniques to enhance their attack vectors. Cybercriminal groups focus on different kinds of cyberthreats such as data breaches,...

Cybercrime Costs Americans $4.2 Bn in 2020: FBI

The FBI received nearly 800,000 cybercrime complaints in 2020, with reported losses of $4.2 billion. In its latest Internet Crime Report for 2020, the...

1 in 15 Government Employees Exposed to Phishing Attacks

Android users who are running older versions of the operating system are prone to various mobile takeover attacks.  A recent analysis from mobile security...

Operation Diànxùn: Chinese Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting 5G Operators

Cybersecurity experts discovered a cyber espionage campaign targeting telecom operators globally to steal sensitive information. According to McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team, the...

Multiple Indian Banks Encounter Phishing Attacks

Sensitive financial information is always a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Threat actors often use advanced techniques in their phishing campaigns to harvest victims’ banking...

NimzaLoader: Malware Written in Rare Programming Language

Security experts uncovered a new kind of phishing campaign in which threat actors are using newly crafted malware written in a rare programming language...

Is Google reCAPTCHA Really Secure?

Several cybersecurity experts have reported an increase in phishing attacks using Google’s reCAPTCHA feature to hide malware and escape security detections. A research team from Zscaler recently discovered a...

Beware! COVID-19 Vaccine-related Phishing Scams on Rise

As the world steps up to COVID-19 vaccine campaigns, state-sponsored actors are tapping the situation with targeted cyberattacks and scams. From targeting vaccine research...