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Email Threats Continue to be Gateway of Major Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks via unsolicited emails remain an effective attack vector as threat actors continue to evolve their phishing techniques. Adversaries are quick to adopt new...

Do Phishing Attacks Cost More Than Ransomware?

With increased internet usage during the new normal of remote working, phishing attacks continue to challenge business security defenses. Cyberthugs often distribute malicious codes...

Everything You Need to Know About the Evolution of Cyberthreats

The theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin is based on the concept of change in characteristics of a population over successive generations. An...

Insider Threats: The Primary Security Challenge for 94% of Organizations

Cyberattacks can happen for multiple reasons; however, one primary reason for rising data breaches is inadvertent employee errors or insider threats. Insider threats are...

Iranian Hackers Impersonate U.K. Academia in “SpoofedScholars” Phishing Campaign

Cybercriminals have no boundaries. With various phishing and social engineering tactics in place, attackers target victims across the globe by operating from a single...

This is How Credential Phishing is Used to Compromise Email Accounts

Despite stricter regulations over data protection globally, protecting user data has become increasingly essential. Ever wondered what happens to compromised accounts, how your leaked...

Brazil Implements Tougher Reforms to Fight Cybercrime

Brazil is the top-most targeted country in Latin America when it comes to phishing attacks. As per official stats, one in every five (19.94%)...

Has Your Organization Addressed These 3 Common Employee Habits?

Cybersecurity risks are a major concern for most organizations globally. Cyberattacks are often seen as threats from outside, but sometimes inadvertent actions from employees...

Verizon 2021 DBIR: Cyberattacks Continue to Rise During Pandemic

From phishing attacks, identity theft to brand impersonation attacks, cybercriminals leveraged all kinds of attack vectors during the pandemic. This resulted in a huge...

Don’t Click! That Meal Delivery SMS Might be Malicious

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every industry. Despite the restriction of movement during the pandemic, e-commerce and food delivery services boomed. While the demand for...