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China-based Tropic Trooper Actors Target Transportation and Government Sectors

Security experts identified a new cyber espionage from the Chinese state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group “Tropic Trooper”  targeting transportation, health care, and government...

Large Scale Phishing Operation: 615,000+ User Credentials Stolen Using Facebook Ads

Researchers from security firm ThreatNix found threat actors abusing Facebook ads in a massive phishing campaign to steal users’ login credentials. They stated that...

Mapua University Partners with Sophos to Offer Cybersecurity Courses

Mapua, a Philippines-based technology university, recently joined hands with the security firm Sophos Group to offer cybersecurity courses and training to university students. The...

Philippines Beefs Up Security Protocols to Protect its Energy Sector

The Philippine Government stepped up its efforts to strengthen its cybersecurity landscape, in order to protect its energy sector from foreign intruders. The decision...

Philippines Most Vulnerable to Cyberthreats, Two Years in a Row

The Philippines, for the second time in a row, has been crowned number one in South-East Asia (SEA) and ranked seventh globally, in terms...