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How to Know if Your Smartphone is Hacked?

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person without a smartphone. With the ease of technology, the proliferation of smartphone culture has also brought in...

97% of Organizations Suffered a Mobile Malware Attack in 2020

The number of threats that our mobile devices encounter increases every year and the risks from mobile malware has a large share in it....

Fleeceware Apps Continue to Deceit Consumers; Scammers Earn S400 Mn

Cybersecurity experts discovered hundreds of fleeceware mobile applications on the Apple Store and Google Play Store tricking thousands of unwitting users into paying unnecessary...

Beware! Malware Posing as Clubhouse App Making Rounds

Clubhouse, a popular invite-only audio chat app, ran into severe security issues after threat actors allegedly misused the app’s popularity. Security experts recently found...

Delete These 9 Malicious Apps from Your Mobile Phones…Now

Cybersecurity experts from Check Point found threat actors dropping new malware via nine malicious Android apps on the Google Play store. Dubbed as Clast82,...

Google Delists Android App “Barcode Scanner”

Security research firm Malwarebytes claimed that one of its forum users reported about a malicious app “Barcode Scanner” published by LavaBird LTD, which has over...

New Android Malware “Oscorp” Spreads Malicious APK

Security experts from AddressIntel discovered a new strain of Android malware that exploits accessibility services in the compromised devices to steal users’ login credentials...

Why Apple Dropped macOS Big Sur Feature ‘ContentFilterExclusionList’

Apple has dropped a controversial feature from its macOS Big Sur 11.2 beta 2 that allowed 53 of its applications to evade security scans,...

Google Delists 164 “CopyCatz Apps” for Spreading Malicious Ads

With people becoming more dependent on the app ecosystem, threat actors targeting unwitting users with fake mobile apps to compromise their accounts or steal...

How to Secure Your Mobile Apps

Despite multiple security scans, malicious applications make their way into your mobile devices. Most of these unsecured or malicious apps come with several security...