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Bank Indonesia Suffers Ransomware Attack, Suspects Conti Involvement

Banks and financial institutions are always on a hacker’s target list. Cybercriminals recently targeted Bank Indonesia (BI), disrupting its operations temporarily. According to a...

Cybercriminals Make Twitter a Playing Field to Target Indonesian Banks

Cybercriminals have been putting an added strain on the financial sector for the past few years. A report in November 2020, showed that 65%...

Mobile Malware Skyrockets in Asia, 97% of Transactions Found Fraudulent

A new report from Upstream’s Secure-D highlighted the consistent increase in mobile malware activity in Asia in Q3 2020. It revealed that 97% of...

Infamous Magecart Attack Hits Government Websites of 8 U.S. Cities

Security researchers from Trend Micro revealed that threat actors compromised government websites of eight U.S. cities across three states through Magecart card skimming attack....

Over 230K Indonesian COVID-19 Patients’ Records Exposed on Darknet

Security researchers from threat intelligence firm Cyble  discovered more than 230,000 Indonesian COVID-19 patients’ records on the dark web during their regular deep web...

Tokopedia Data Breach: Hackers Leaks 15 Mn User Records

Indonesian e-commerce giant Tokopedia suffered a massive data breach after hackers leaked over 15 million user records, data breach monitoring firm Under the Breach...

16Shop Phishing Kit Extends Attack Portfolio to PayPal

In early January 2020, ZeroFOX’s research team, Alpha, discovered a phishing kit targeted towards PayPal customers, which had signatures of 16Shop written all over...