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How to Update Web Browsers for Secure Browsing

With cybercriminals looking for innovative techniques to target vulnerable systems in the evolving digital space, securing web browsers have become more critical than ever. Outdated...

Patch Now! Researchers Find Zero-Day Flaws in Google and Microsoft

The risks from cybercriminals exploiting zero-day vulnerabilities have become a continuous threat for organizations, globally. Recently, security experts from Kaspersky found a zero-day vulnerability...

Attackers Reinvent Masslogger Trojan to Target Popular Brands

A new version of the Masslogger Trojan has been targeting Windows users in a new phishing campaign. Cybersecurity experts from Cisco Talos stated that they’ve...

Google Chrome 88 To Fix Weak Passwords for Better Online Security

Google Chrome has introduced a new password security feature to prevent users from using weak and compromised passwords online. The new feature will be...

How to Detect Weak Passwords Using Google Chrome

Your online security is highly dependent on your password habits. Using a strong password or passphrase will provide maximum security to your network and...

Google Rolls Out Patch to Fix Zero-Day Vulnerability in Chrome

An actively exploited zero-day vulnerability put many Google Chrome users at a very “High” risk. Taking note of the severity of the vulnerability and...

IE Browser Will Not be Secure Post November 2020

Yes, it is official! Microsoft is getting ready to pull the plug on Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) browser in a phased manner beginning...

Google Plans to Floor Insecure Downloads in Chrome 83

In April 2019, with a view to prevent abuse, Google engineers showed the desire to block certain HTTP file downloads that load via an...

Google Chrome Introduces Improved Password & Phishing Protection

In a recent update, Google has rolled-out Chrome 79 stable version for its users. This version of Chrome consists of two very important browser...