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DSLR Cameras are vulnerable to attacks: Researchers

Security researchers have discovered that DSLR cameras, which are connected to a Wi-Fi network, are vulnerable to ransomware attacks. The researchers, from the security...
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A peak into Safe-T’s Zero Trust Access solution

Contributed by Safe-T Safe-T provides a secure application and file access solution with 1) An architecture that implements Zero Trust Access, 2) A proprietary secure...
U.S. and Australia to Jointly Develop Cyber Training Platform

CUJO AI partners with Avira to provide premium cybersecurity services globally

CUJO AI, a network intelligence company recently announced that it’s partnered with cybersecurity firm Avira. Powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence models, CUJO AI provides...
Connected Cars

Automotive cybersecurity on the wrong road: Report

Flooring the accelerator pedal of a secure vehicle may still be a thing of the future. According to a recent study by Ponemon, nearly...
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Ships at Sea: More Ways to Hack Them

Contributed by SecureWorld Taking a cruise in 2019? If so, try not to think about significant cybersecurity risks and failures detailed in the shipping industry's new...

McAfee acquires VPN provider TunnelBear for safe connect

Toronto-based TunnelBear was recently acquired by McAfee for an undisclosed amount. The Virtual Private Network service provider will be helping McAfee boost Wi-Fi security...
Automotive cybersecurity

Automotive Cybersecurity: A new market with a distinct challenge

Innovation in the automotive industry has led to a scenario where a car being manual may simply mean it has a steering wheel. Once...

iOS 11.1 hacked a day after release

Apple was left red-faced when its newly launched iOs 11.1 and Safari were reportedly hacked several times by security researchers at a hacking competition...
Flaw in Bluetooth Devices

8.2 billion devices worldwide at risk of remote attacks

Nearly 8.2 billion devices are at risk, globally, from remote attack vectors like device take over and man-in-the-middle (MITM), et al. According to researchers...