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Orange announces acquisition of SecureData


Orange, a provider of global IT and telecommunication services to multinational companies, recently announced the acquisition of cybersecurity solutions provider SecureData and its subsidiary SensePost. SecureData provides integrated security solutions designed to assess risks, detect threats, protect customer’s IT assets, and respond to security incidents. The United Kingdom-based company claims that its consulting arm SensePost is expert in tackling cybercrime and carrying out security research and penetration testing.

SecureData also owns an advanced cyber-SOC (Security Operations Center) in the UK dedicated to monitoring and responding to security breaches on behalf of its customers. Through its technical cooperation, SecureData will help strengthen Orange’s cyber defense posture by bringing a new source of expertise and innovative technology. The new acquisition deal also reinforces Orange’s international reach, especially in Europe.

Commenting on the new acquisition deal Hugues Foulon, the executive director of strategy and cybersecurity activities at Orange said, “We are very proud and happy to announce the acquisition of SecureData, which will mark a major milestone in Orange’s development in Europe’s cybersecurity market. SecureData, just like Orange Cyberdefense, has successfully made the transition toward Managed Security Services, and shares the same passion for Cyber. We will progressively co-build together the operational and commercial synergies, with the patronage and experience of Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense. Cybersecurity has become a critical element for both large and small companies as they evolve in an increasing digital-reliant world.”

Ian Brown, executive chairman at SecureData stated, “We are both thrilled and excited to be joining the Orange Cyberdefense family. Both organizations share the same vision and aspiration for the cybersecurity market and have many complimentary services and skills. By being part of Orange, we will be able to better serve the international needs of many of our existing customers as well as providing enhanced cyber services to Orange customers with the UK”.