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NH-ISAC and Anomali partner for improving healthcare information sharing

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The National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center recently partnered with threat intelligence platform Anomali to raise the security standards for data sharing processes in the healthcare industry. NH-ISAC is a healthcare global community for collaborating and spreading best practices. The council informs and helps its members in the application of physical and cyber threat intelligence to adopt threat mitigation practices. Members of NH-ISAC include hospitals, healthcare insurance payers, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, laboratories and diagnostic centers, ambulatory providers, and more.

The threat intelligence product company provides inputs to organizations cautioning them against cyber actors and other distrustful activities on their networks through internal security monitoring programs. Anomali will be providing the infrastructure and tools to the NH-ISAC, therefore, their partnership is expected to strengthen cybersecurity measures for the healthcare domain. The CEO of Anomali Hugh Njemanze commented on the partnership, “One organization’s threat detection is the next organization’s prevention. We are pleased to support the NH-ISAC mission to secure the nation’s critical healthcare infrastructure, and help members better share intelligence and respond to threats.”

NH-ISAC President Denise Anderson commented, “One of the greatest challenges for the NH-ISAC and all ISACs is the lack of awareness amongst the critical infrastructure owners and operators, particularly the smaller owners and operators, that the ISACs exist and are a valuable tool. Numerous incidents have shown that effective information sharing amongst robust trusted networks of members works in combatting cyber threats.” Anderson also stressed on increasing the number of education programs by the Congress to improve the information sharing infrastructure.