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EC-Council’s CISO MAG Summit & Awards Middle East edition to kick-off

CISO MAG Middle East Awards

The future is being rewritten and we can very confidently vouch for the Middle East to compete against the most advanced regions in the world. The GCC region has already joined the bandwagon of digital arenas that are paperless, fast-track, high on technological advancements and innovations. Digital security, healthcare and the implementation of high-tech transportation are a few of the focus areas for the emirate. And the government has continued to extend its support for the cause. Although digitization holds the potential for rich rewards, it also brings with it, significant risks from an ever-evolving host of cyber threats perpetrated by cybersecurity adversaries: cybercriminals, nation sponsored, insiders, and cyber hacktivists. And that’s why there’s a growing interest for Cybersecurity in the Middle East.

EC-Council’s CISO MAG Summit & Awards is set to host its Middle East edition on the 21st October 2019 at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, to recognize the efforts of several cybersecurity initiatives at the individual, corporate and government level.

The event would be graced by Sultan Al-Owais, Director of Information Technology, Prime Minister’s Office, UAE; Tony Chacko Joseph, CISO-eDirham, Public Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance, UAE; and Thomas Heuckeroth, VP Cyber Security, Group Chief CyberSecurity Officer, Emirates Group to name a few.

The event would witness a slew of panel discussions, technical rounds and discussions, and an award ceremony which would be followed by a cocktail reception.

The Middle East edition of CISO MAG Awards Global series has been sponsored by DarkTrace. Other eminent partners include QNu and DTS Solution.

The Middle East Cybersecurity market share is set to touch US$ 20 Billion by 2024. The cost of cybercrime is causing considerable concern to governments and business leaders across the globe. The GCC region has also been at the epicenter of cyberattacks. It is estimated that out of the top 10 countries with the highest cyber-attacks, three are from the Middle East. Here, government, education, energy & utilities, and BFSI industries are the most targeted verticals by cyber attackers.

It is also estimated that 90 percent of UAE business leaders and IT security practitioners believe their security solutions are outdated. While the GCC region has been at the forefront in combating cyber-attacks from across the globe, cyber-related legislation and ICT education is also the need of the hour, as regulations and education can bridge the gap between citizens and the cybersecurity. And this is transforming cybersecurity in the Middle East.

EC-Council’s CISO MAG believes that visionaries in the industry who have dedicated their corporate lives to the cause of creating a cyber secure world will be responsible for bridging this gap. Governments have also taken an active part in bringing about this change by creating awareness programs and funding the right kind of projects to lead the way for a better and more secure future. It is a historic time for all us to be a part of this global revolution in the cybersecurity domain.