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Australian Securities and Investment Commission Hit by a Cyberattack

An issue with Accellion’s software caused a security breach in a file-sharing server that belonged to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Australian Securities and Investment Commission Hit by a Cyberattack

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) became aware of a security incident that affected one of its servers that is used to transfer files like credit license applications. The securities regulator stated that cybercriminals may have viewed certain information; however, it clarified that there is no evidence of misuse of the credit license forms, attachments, and other sensitive information. ASIC immediately disabled the server to avoid the extent of the breach.

“While the investigation is ongoing, it appears that there is some risk that some limited information may have been viewed by the threat actor,” ASIC said.

According to a report, the security incident occurred due to a vulnerability in Accellion’s file-sharing software, which was also used by New Zealand’s Reserve Bank that recently faced a cyberattack. In a statement, the Bank acknowledged that a malicious actor reportedly hacked and accessed one of its data systems, which stored sensitive information. The issue occurred in a third-party file sharing service that potentially led to the access of critical banking information.

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