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Shipping and Logistic companies

Login Credentials of Shipping and Logistics Firms Being Traded on Dark Web

Cybercriminals have extended their cyberattack targets ranging from supply chains to critical infrastructures. While some threat actors try to penetrate vital network systems and...
digital assets on dark web forums, Know the Worth of Your Data on the Dark Web Price Index 2021

3 Digital Assets That Are High in Demand on Dark Web Forums

The demand for trading sensitive stolen data and other malicious activities has reached new highs across underground dark web marketplaces. The global pandemic and related...
From Data Breach to Darknet

From Data Leak to Dark Web: What Happens to Your Stolen Credit Card Data?

There might be various cybercriminal activities operating online, but stealing users’ sensitive information and peddling it on darknet markets is the primary activity for...
Cybercriminal Group Names

Smart or Stupid? Cybercriminal Group Names Decoded!

It’s known that cybercriminals always try to advance their hacking skills and change attack strategies to evade security deductions. Apart from hiding their identity,...
Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week: The 3 Ps Vital to Enhancing Your Online Data Privacy

With cybersecurity awareness being a primary topic for security leaders, Data Privacy Week (January 24-28) is a good time to reflect on the importance of data...
Phishing Kits, Cost of Phishing Attacks

How Cybercriminals Use Phishing Kits

Cybercriminals are creating new phishing strategies and malware variants to make their attacks more intense and successful. They even rely on phishing kits, which...
Credential Abuse Attack, credential harvesting campaign

How to Prevent Credential Abuse Attacks?

Strong login credentials are treated as the first defense against unauthorized intrusions. However, they also become a gateway for cybercriminals to penetrate critical network...
IPv4 Address Price, International Internet Day

Hike in IPv4 Prices Pose Severe Cybersecurity Threat

Following the growing demand for internet commodities like IP assets, the prices of IPv4 addresses have reached new heights in recent times. Cybersecurity experts...
SQL Injection Attack

What is an SQL Injection Attack and How to Prevent it?

With the prevalence of data breaches, the consequences of not securing your databases and network systems could be severe. So, you either boost cybersecurity...

How to Be CyberSmart This Cybersecurity Awareness Month

The cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, with threat actors leveraging new hacking techniques to penetrate and exploit critical infrastructure. While organizations are worried about...