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Remote Work Has Accelerated Zero Trust Security

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened a pandora’s box that has directly impacted every individual on this planet. From soaring inflation to economic downturns, the...

Did Remote Working Make Cybercriminals’ Lives Easy?

With remote work becoming the new normal, organizations globally are getting used to secure the work devices virtually. While the entire working community fit...

Endpoint Security is a Lot More Than Just Technology: Gartner

Speaking to CISO MAG, Prateek Bhajanka, Senior Principal Analyst, Gartner explains why endpoints have suddenly become so important in the realm of enterprise network...

“AI has done a good job in securing the dynamic workforce”

EC-Council is conducting its 2020 Global CISO Forum virtual event, October 5 – 7. The Global CISO Forum (GCF) is an annual event that...

Remote Workforce: New Normal or Digital Normal? [INFOGRAPHIC]

2020 has brought many new changes to the world, including new ways of working under social distancing. Working remotely has been increasingly available to...

Who’s Responsible for a Safer Cloud?

With today’s explosion of remote workers, we’re seeing an overwhelming reliance on the cloud. Its agility, anywhere access, and dynamic scalability make the cloud...

Endpoint Security: No More a Blind Spot for Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to operate remotely. While working from home is becoming the new normal, the drastic change in the SOPs...

50% of Organizations Are Not Prepared For Cyberattacks: Report

Only 51% of security leaders and professionals are confident that their cybersecurity teams are ready to detect and respond to cyberattacks during the ongoing...

66% of Remote Workers in the U.K. Lack Cybersecurity Training: Research

The surge in remote work has brought a new wave of cyberattacks targeting remote workers. Several industry experts stated that the lack of cybersecurity...