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Cox Media Group Validates Ransomware Attack that Pulled Down its Broadcasts

On June 3, 2021, American media company Cox Media Group (CMG) experienced a cyberattack in which the malicious threat actor encrypted the network servers...

Conti Ransomware Group Reportedly Stole 1.5TB Of Data from JVCKenwood

Multinational electronics firm JVCKenwood admitted that it had been hit by a security incident that affected some of its operations in Europe. The company...

BlackMatter Group Demands $5.9 Mn Ransom After Attacking NEW Cooperative

While the Biden administration is severely trying to curb ransomware attacks, threat actors continue to target the critical infrastructures in the country. Farm services...

Singapore Businesses Struggling to Cope with Network and Ransomware Attacks

While Singapore is accelerating its digital transformation capabilities, cybersecurity standards remain a severe concern for organizations in the country. New research from Barracuda Networks...

Olympus Confirms Cyberattack Affected Sales and Manufacturing Networks

Not only health care providers, organizations that provide health care technology also become vulnerable to cyberattacks. Medical technology provider Olympus admitted that it had...

This is How Ransomware Gangs Select their Victims

Not all ransomware gangs break into targeted networks. They often purchase access to victims’ networks from other cybercriminal groups and initial access brokers (IABs)...

Ransomware Vulnerabilities That Could Bring Down Your Organization

Today, 266 vulnerabilities are associated with ransomware, and attackers are increasingly exploiting these weaknesses to launch devastating ransomware attacks. Therefore, identifying and remediating these...

CISA Urges Organizations to Avoid Bad Security Practices

The cyber threat landscape is growing exponentially worldwide, with organizations suffering a series of ransomware and extortion attacks. According to an analysis from the...

Ransomware – What is new?

Executives are worried.  They see organizations crippled by ransomware, often for days or weeks, and rumors of multimillion-dollar fines being paid. By Ian Mann, CEO...

FBI Raises Red Alert About Hive Ransomware Group

Authorities from the FBI are warning about a new ransomware group, tracked as Hive, which was behind the recent attacks on multiple health care...