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40 Billion User Records Exposed Globally in 2021

Cybercriminals often exploit leaked/stolen sensitive user information to perform various cyberattacks, including phishing and identity theft. The rising information leaks on dark web forums...

Have I Been Pwned Goes Open Source; Partners with FBI

Compromised credentials pose severe security threats to both organizations and individuals. Attackers often leverage stolen/leaked passwords in brute force attacks to compromise user accounts....

Why Businesses are Investing in Data Privacy

Stories about data leaks from social media sites surface with alarming regularity these days. And it’s not just social media. Stock exchanges, credit card...

ShinyHunters Strikes Again! Data of 2.28 Mn “MeetMindful” Users Leaked

Members of the popular dating site MeetMindful encountered bitter news over the weekend after the cybercriminals group ShinyHunters leaked private data of more than...

Over 200 Mn Records of Chinese Citizens on Darknet Sale

Researchers from security firm Cyble stated they discovered threat actors selling more than 200 million records of Chinese Citizens on darknet forums. In a...

Irish Data Regulator Fines Twitter $547K for 2019 Data Breach

Seems like Twitter’s is ending 2020 on a bitter note! From multiple data breaches to a series of celebrity account hacks, the social networking...

Insider Threats: A Byproduct of the New Normal

Despite the continuous security improvements, the concern over insider threats seems to be growing for organizations globally. The new distributed working conditions have also...

Freepik Suffers Data Breach, 8.3 Mn Users Affected

Free photos and graphics platform, Freepik has admitted it became a victim of a major security breach which may have affected over 8.3 million...

Repository Blunder! GitHub Data Leak Incidents Impact Over 200,000 U.S. Patients

Netherlands-based ethical hacker Jelle Ursem, in association with Databreaches.net, uncovered nine data breach incidents at multiple health care providers. The data breach exposed medical...

Unsecured Database Exposes 5.5 Mn Records of Multiple Organizations

Inadvertent database exposure continues to be a major risk for organizations. Security professionals are concerned about their database security as employees are now working...