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Singapore Warns Political Parties of Possible Cyberthreats and Election Interference

Singapore is gearing up for the general elections, which will be held in April 2021. Owing to this, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA),...

Aptoide Android App Admits Data Breach; Suspends Sign-Up Option Temporarily

Aptoide, a third-party app store for Android applications, recently admitted that one of its databases may have been a victim of a cyberattack and...

Hackers Attack Database of India’s COVID-19 Patients and Potential Suspects

Kerala, one of the worst-hit states in India’s COVID-19 crisis, reported five positive cases from Aythala in Ranni-Pazhavangady panchayat. The database of all the...

How Small Businesses Can Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks

When most people think of cyberattacks, major data breaches at humongous companies like Equifax and Yahoo!, typically come to mind. This is perfectly understandable,...

Cyberthreats: The New Threat Frontier for Singapore Armed Forces

The threat landscape for governments is no longer limited to land, air and sea. This is very evident from the policy and budget restructuring...

IIT-Madras Cyberattack Affects its Email Services, Microsoft Offers Help

IIT-Madras (IIT-M), India’s premier technical university, faced a cyberattack, which resulted in a takedown of its email services and servers. The type and extent...

Ransomware Blocks U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline Supplies

A ransomware attack on a U.S. natural gas supplying facility brought its operations to a standstill for two days when the organization’s incidence response...

Ryuk Ransomware Campaign Targets Port Lavaca City Hall

The Port Lavaca City Hall’s server was recently hit by Ryuk ransomware that apparently entered through the email system. The ransomware took down the...

Toll Faces Customer Fallout After Cyberattack

Toll Group, the Australian freight delivery service provider, is struggling to restore its services completely after being hit by the recent “Mailto” ransomware attack...

Maastricht University Pays 30 Bitcoins as Ransom to TA505 Group

Maastricht University (UM), in a press release, revealed that it has paid a ransom of 30 bitcoins for unlocking the servers and systems compromised...