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Dozens of Hospital Computers Compromised, Former Employee Pleads Guilty

Richard Liriano, a former IT employee of a New York City-area hospital pled guilty of a computer fraud. He used a “keylogger” on dozens...

First the Tokyo Olympics, Now the Special Olympics Faces Phishing Menace

Special Olympics New York, a non-profit organization that helps provide coaching to competitive sportspersons with intellectual disabilities, reportedly faced a breach of its email...

Mastercard Ups its Cybersecurity Game, Acquires RiskRecon

In a quest to strengthen its cybersecurity front, Mastercard announced its agreement to acquire RiskRecon, an artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions provider that...

NATO – EU Top Brass Meets, Reviews Joint Cyber Defense Strategies

The top brass from NATO and the European Union met in Brussels at the NATO-EU Alliance headquarters to review and discuss its joint cyber...

U.S. Senators Introduce an Act to Safeguard K-12 Schools

K-12 district schools have been a soft target for cybercriminals in the year gone by. To address the rising threat prospective, two U.S. Senators,...

SBI warns: Public Charging Stations Can be Used for Juice Jacking

Is your mobile phone running out of juice?  Need a quick charge? Ah, there is a public charging station! Wait, is it safe? May...

Green Padlocks Used as Phishing Baits

A green padlock followed by the organization name (also in green color) means that website uses an Extended Validation (EV) certificate. Green padlocks without...

Wearable Tablet Prone to a Cyber-Attack?

Deny or accept, but technology has always been a part of our lives and now it’s almost become one with our bodies too. Wearables...

Buer, a New Loader Discovered in Several Malware Campaigns

Since the end of August 2019, researchers at Proofpoint have been tracking a new loader dubbed as ‘Buer’. It is said to use C...

“It’s a war and the well-prepared one will win”

Ahmed Nabil has more than 17 years of experience in the field of Information Technology/Systems, Infrastructure, Project Management, Information Security, Application development/Automation, and IT management. He...