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Cybersecurity Will Become the Top Agenda in Boardroom Discussions

Among my three cybersecurity predictions for 2022, the one that I am optimistic about is cybersecurity getting more mindshare in the boardroom.  Expect to...

How to Generate CISO Buy-In For Active Directory Protection

Generating CISO buy-in for Active Directory Protection ranks high in a company's success against ransomware attacks. Active Directory (AD) sits at the heart of...

Cyber Insurance for Health Care Organizations

Cyberattacks are dangerous for any organization. Health care organizations can be particularly vulnerable, however, because breaches often reveal sensitive patient information and may result...

Hardening Cyber Insurance Market Makes Cybersecurity More than a Tech Problem

The hardening of the cyber insurance market is forcing enterprises to come to terms with the impact their cybersecurity posture has on the bottom...

Demystifying Cyber Insurance to Enable Adoption

The top three identified obstacles to cyber insurance adoption remain “not understanding exposures” (73%), “not understanding coverage” (63%), and “cost” (46%), according to Advisen’s...

“I think it’s important to remain pragmatic about foreign threats”

Having a matured cybersecurity strategy from the ground up is pertinent for any enterprise to grow. This approach ensures an easy-to-maintain, long-term security posture,...

Small Businesses are Not Prepared for Evolving Cyberthreats: Report

A survey from the Nationwide Agent Authority, a provider of diversified insurance and financial services, revealed that most of the businesses and consumers in...

Ransomware Attacks: The Major Cause of Cyber Insurance Claims in H1...

A report published by Coalition, a provider of cyber insurance services in North America, revealed that ransomware incidents accounted to 41% of cyber insurance...

SMEs Likely to Invest More on Cyber Insurance: Report

A recent survey by Cowbell Cyber revealed that 65% of SMEs are likely to spend more on cyber insurance in the next two years,...

AIG to provide cyber insurance from Q1 2018

To ensure that customers are covered if they become victim of a security breach, the American International Group (AIG) on October 26 said it...



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