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Avoid Negotiating with Extortioners and Implement Solutions for Recovery and Resilience

Once impacted by ransomware and other attacks, organizations spend a lot of time and money trying to recover systems. Many negotiate with attackers and...

How Illicit Cryptomining Works, And How to Prevent It

Whether it’s a surge in value or a decline, cryptocurrencies always make headlines. In addition to price fluctuations, various crypto-related issues such as cryptomining,...

Warning! Don’t Be Duped by Fake Cryptomining Android Apps

The exponential rise of cryptocurrency value attracted both investors and cybercriminals at large.  A recent investigation by Lookout, an endpoint-to-cloud security firm, uncovered multiple...

How Cryptojacking and Cryptomining Assaults Work

When reporters asked the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton why he robbed banks he allegedly replied, “because that’s where the money is”. It was...

It’s Jail Time! Australian Government Employee Sentenced for Mining Cryptocurrency

In May last year, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) pressed charges against a 33-year old former resident of New South Wales (NSW) for his...

TNT’s Cryptomining Worm Built to Steal AWS Credentials

It is not just a double whammy! The researchers at cybersecurity firm, Cado Security, say the functionality of TNT’s cryptomining worm steals AWS credentials,...

New Rogue Cryptomining Techniques and Cases

It’s common knowledge that new cryptocurrency units come into existence through mining, a process of complex computation relying on CPU or GPU power. Unfortunately,...

Hackers Using Process Hollowing for Monero Mining

Researchers at Trend Micro have observed a new technique called Process Hollowing that is used for Monero Mining. It has been implemented by hackers...

Statinko Botnet Uses YouTube as a Gateway for Cryptomining

Statinko Botnet has been around since 2012 and has kept evolving. The latest addition to its wide portfolio of malicious activities like click fraud,...

WordPress Websites Infected with Fake Plugins

For beginners, bloggers and corporates alike, the WordPress platform is a favorite mainly due to the ease it provides in creating and maintaining personalized...