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Five Social Engineering Trends to Watch for 2021

Cybercrime continues to be a growing threat and attack methods constantly evolve with each passing day. At the core of almost every successful cyberattack,...

Everything You Need to Know About Dictionary Attacks

Cybercriminals leverage several ways to illicitly obtain users’ login credentials and break into their systems. At the same time, poor password practices of users...

How COVID-19 Affected the Application Security Space

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, all businesses were shaken awake by the rapid transmission of this virus. The disruption it unleashed on the global...

How to Know if You’re Being Stalked by Stalkerware

At a time when everyone is more connected than ever, cybercriminals too have become more active looking for ways to turn an adverse situation...

Leading Post-COVID-19: Securing Applications in a Borderless World

The COVID-19 pandemic — the single most disruptive event in human history — has caused seismic shifts in how we engage with each other...

Beware! COVID-19 Vaccine-related Phishing Scams on Rise

As the world steps up to COVID-19 vaccine campaigns, state-sponsored actors are tapping the situation with targeted cyberattacks and scams. From targeting vaccine research...

“Don’t be afraid to ask about opportunities; fortune favors the bold”

Globally, gender stereotype has been a perennial impediment for women in all walks of life. Expressions like “girls are not good at math” and...

COVIDGuardian: A Guardian Angel for COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps

People around the globe have always been apprehensive about the implementation and usage of the COVID-19 contact tracing apps. They feared that cybercriminals could...

BIoTs can alleviate security concerns for both owners and tenants

Dr. Rishi Mohan Bhatnagar is an international speaker and thought leader in the Internet of Things and digital space. He co-authored the book “Enterprise...

IoT Security Trends and Challenges in the Wake of COVID-19

Finally, we have arrived in the age of an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, with connected devices deployed in our homes, workplace, and public...