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How AL/ML is Driving Growth and Innovation in Cloud Forensics

Enterprises are leveraging cloud infrastructure to modernize their processes, connect disparate services, and improve customer satisfaction rates. Up to 90% of the IT work...

Cloud Security: Challenges and Trends

With nearly 50% of the global corporate data being stored in the cloud, it is no surprise that cloud security has become an essential...

Data Security: More Than Just Confidential Computing

Sharing sensitive data for processing among ecosystem partners is a challenge. We continue to see enterprises grapple with security concerns associated with moving workloads...

The Cloud is New Territory for Computer Forensics

Volumes have been written extolling the virtues and benefits of cloud computing. The cloud enables organizations to scale up rapidly and to be more...

Implementing Digital Forensics in Emerging Technologies

Technology is progressing at an astounding rate, and while at it, it is also connecting the digital world in a way never seen before....

3 Steps to Boost Your Enterprise Cloud Security

Cloud computing has already revolutionized the way businesses operate. Several organizations jumped the bandwagon of deploying multiple cloud environments into their IT infrastructure. Organizations are...

How to Boost Amazon S3 Bucket Security

Misconfigured S3 buckets have led to major hacking incidents, for which the Magecart Group has been largely responsible. The Capital One data breach (100...

“We’ll see more attacks that target cloud misconfiguration issues”

Ravi Ivaturi is Sr. Vice President – Digital Security Architecture at Citi. He is a cybersecurity leader with deep expertise in building cybersecurity programs...

Endpoint Security Extends to the Cloud

The notion and definition of endpoints have evolved with the increased adoption of cloud computing and the virtualization of IT resources. Not long ago,...

How Lack of Visibility Over IaaS Cloud Infrastructure Fuels Cyberattacks

The adoption of cloud technologies is more than ever before, and COVID-19 expedited the entire migration process. Cloud security has also taken precedence. Organizations...