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Night Blood: A Global Ransomware Campaign Run by APT Group TA505

The TA505, a Russian-speaking APT group, created a buzz early last year with a devastating ransomware attack on the Maastricht University (UM) in the...

Supply Chain Attacks is APAC’s Biggest Application Security Challenge: Barracuda

For modern businesses, application security has become an essential concern. Every organization uses a triage of web, software, and mobile applications to serve customers...

Scammers Use Bots and Automation to Make Cyberattacks Effective

Since organizations are working remotely, most IT and cloud security professionals globally are concerned about their cloud environment's security. Besides, the security vulnerabilities created...

APAC Consumers Overlook Data Security in Favor of Seamless User Experiences

A research from cybersecurity firm F5 revealed that 96% of users in the Asia Pacific would prefer to choose convenience or seamless application experiences...

Kroll Acquires RP Digital Security, Fortifies Asia Pacific Operations

In one of the most strategic acquisitions in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, Kroll, a global risk solutions provider based in New York, has...

APAC Service Providers Must Scale-Up and Scale-Out Security Infrastructure

A new report from Juniper Networks, a provider of AI-driven networks, revealed that Asia-Pacific (APAC) service providers are concerned over their security infrastructure as...