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Price List of Cybercrimes [INFOGRAPHIC]

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There are several moldering clichés surrounding the Dark Web, with the most common one signifying an iceberg with its tip as the surface internet, the shallow water surface as the Deep Web, and the unknown deep waters as the Dark Web. Let’s save the debate on the magnitude of the Dark Web for some other time.

By now, we all know the Dark Web is the underground internet which involves several illegal activities. And, most of these through special market sites which are often called the ‘darknet sites’. Here, illegal products like drugs and firearms, and even contract killers are available, all ready to be at your disposal for a few Bitcoins. Among a few other illegal products that are listed on the Dark Web is the price list of several cyberattacks, provided as a service. All you need to do is add your attack to your cart.

Add attack to cart

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