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DHS issues directive for federal agencies to use DMARC, HTTPS, and STARTTL

In an attempt to secure emails and deploy authentication technologies, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on October 16, 2017, issued a binding...

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CISO Forum Canada November 9th - 13th, 2020 Canada EC-Council’s CISO Event Program, brought to you by siberX, brings together speakers, attendees, and sponsors from all over...
Dutch workplace cybersecurity

75% of Dutch not concerned about workplace cybersecurity

About 75 percent of Dutch people are unconcerned about cybersecurity at their workplace, a National Cybersecurity Awareness Study revealed. However, almost half of Dutch...

The newest ransomware authors are huge GoT fans

You may end up finding yourself amid the Dothrakis, unsullied, and three fully grown dragons if you fail to pay up. But, if you...
Log4j, Iranian Ransomware Actors, SpoofedSccholars, second-tier targets, NIOPDC

Researchers spot Iranian cyber espionage campaign against Aerospace, Energy Firms

A recent investigation by cybersecurity vendor FireEye revealed that a sophisticated cyber espionage campaign was launched by an Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat group against...
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CISO Magazine

CISO MAGAZINE CISO MAG provides vital stories, trends, interviews, and news from around the security world to help security leaders stay informed. The magazine includes...
Vevo breach

Vevo hacked; 3.12TB data compromised

In another hack by OurMine, the notorious hacker group broke into the servers of entertainment company Vevo and released approximately 3.12TB of its internal...
microsoft ransomware cybersecurity CISOMAG, Microsoft Patch Tuesday October 2020

Microsoft discovered 71 new ransomware families in first half of 2017

Microsoft recently came out with its Security Intelligence Report which highlighted a global increase in ransomware. The researchers discovered 71 new families of ransomware...

Contractor with high-level clearance leaks to press

In a case echoing the massive information security breach by U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden in 2013, another contractor has been...