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Phishing, phishing attacks

The Importance of Team Diversity in Detecting Phishing Scams

An email subject line catches a user’s interest. The user clicks through and gets compromised. This is a classic phishing attack; it remains one...
xss vulnerability in UPS, Phishing Attack, spear phishing, phishing mails

Phishing Alert! XSS Vulnerability in UPS.com Distributes Malicious Invoice

Phishing is one of the most popular social engineering techniques cybercriminals use to distribute malware and steal personal information. As per recent reports, fraudsters...
Phishing Kits, Cost of Phishing Attacks

Do Phishing Attacks Cost More Than Ransomware?

With increased internet usage during the new normal of remote working, phishing attacks continue to challenge business security defenses. Cyberthugs often distribute malicious codes...
Ransomware attacks, LockBit Ransomware

After Phishing and Identity Thefts, LockBit 2.0 Operations Rise in Australia

Australians have become a target for different kinds of cyberattacks lately. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported an 84% surge in identity theft...
xss vulnerability in UPS, Phishing Attack, spear phishing, phishing mails

Attackers Get Cannier; Found Targeting Non-C-Suite Employees via Spear Phishing

2021 has been witnessing phishing or pretexting — types of social engineering attacks, leading all Data Breach Reports. The fraudulent practice of sending emails...
Log4j, Iranian Ransomware Actors, SpoofedSccholars, second-tier targets, NIOPDC

Iranian Hackers Impersonate U.K. Academia in “SpoofedScholars” Phishing Campaign

Cybercriminals have no boundaries. With various phishing and social engineering tactics in place, attackers target victims across the globe by operating from a single...
Compromised Email Accounts

This is How Credential Phishing is Used to Compromise Email Accounts

Despite stricter regulations over data protection globally, protecting user data has become increasingly essential. Ever wondered what happens to compromised accounts, how your leaked...
SolarWinds Microsoft

How SolarWinds Hackers ‘Nobelium’ Used Constant Contact in Mass Phishing Campaign

Nation state-backed cyberattacks have become widespread more than ever.  They often leave a bad impression on the cybersecurity readiness of a nation. For instance,...
“PerSwaysion” Phishing Campaign Targets High-Ranked Professionals Across The Globe, IKEA email reply-chain attack

Most Phishing Emails Originate from Eastern Europe: Barracuda

Phishing attacks remain a severe threat to small and large organizations globally. It is the most common and popular technique for cybercriminals to pilfer...
phishing, Telegram bots and Google Forms used for phishing

Telegram Bots and Google Forms: The New Phishing Tools of Cybercriminals

In January 2021, the phone numbers of Facebook’s 533 million users went on sale on the online messaging platform, Telegram. Cybercriminals are known to...