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Hybrid Cloud Security Solution is the Most Trusted Cloud Strategy: CISO MAG Survey

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Is cloud the ultimate data storage solution? That remains a hot and widely debated topic. Every day more and more organizations are unplugging their data centers and are moving to the cloud. As for most organizations, cloud migration is a rather safe drill. Along with that, cloud security solutions enable organizations to increase agility, accelerate time to market, and reduce costs.

Even though cloud computing presents cybersecurity and regulatory compliance challenges, which make organizations hesitant to move to the public cloud, that sentiment is changing as cloud security technologies have vastly improved. Lately, organizations feel more confident about adopting cloud security services, and it is common for an organization to have its infrastructure on multiple clouds — in some cases as many as 10 or 15 clouds. As part of their digital transformation initiatives, organizations are opting for more cloud security service providers. Yet some have concerns about data residency, data privacy, and confidentiality of data.

Key findings

In the previous Cloud Security Power List issue (July 2019), CISO MAG conducted a survey of information security experts to gauge their responses on the trends in cloud security space. The findings of the survey were:

  • Hybrid cloud security solutions are considered the most trusted cloud strategy among the companies surveyed. The subsequent biggest strategies were private cloud in second place, public cloud as the third most popular, and community cloud as the least adopted method.
  • The biggest cloud security challenge for companies is detecting and responding to security incidents. Meeting regular compliance requirements is a close second.
  • The biggest cloud security threat is data leaks. Surprisingly, only one-fifth of the companies surveyed think insufficient due diligence is the most prominent threat.
  • When it comes to cloud computing security services, a large number of respondents think traditional security tools are not sufficient to manage security across cloud environments.
  • The most critical factor when deciding on cloud-based security services is meeting compliance requirements. In second place, almost one-third of the companies surveyed consider cost-effectiveness as the most prominent factor when deciding on a cloud provider.
  • About 40% of the companies surveyed think budget is the most important criteria when selecting a cloud vendor for migration. Ease of patching, certification, and security compliance tied as the second most important requirement.

CISO MAG editors also picked and profiled the best cloud security companies to look out for. These profiles included:

  • Symantec
  • Akamai
  • Fortinet
  • Trend Micro
  • Safe T
  • Oblique Drive

The necessity for cloud adoption varies from companies to companies. And in most cases, the benefits of cloud computing depend on the kind of business the organization is into. Organizations ultimately have their risk profile depending on various vectors like staffing and access, resource allocation, regulatory policies within the organization, and most importantly its potential for a huge data breach.

This year, CISO MAG Editors will again conduct a survey to gauge the changing sentiment about Cloud Security. They will invite leaders and decision-makers in businesses of all sizes, and across geographies, to participate in this survey. — The results will culminate in a report for the June 2020 issue, titled Power List – Cloud Security. The report will also shed light on the trends and adoption of cloud technology solutions.

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