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$1Mn Fund Booster Announced to Help Pandemic-Affected Organizations

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the emergence of new cybersecurity threats to organizations of all sizes. It is worth noting that at a given time when the economic conditions of businesses have taken a beating, constrained budgets for technology and cybersecurity areas have become predominant around the globe. Thus, to help such organizations in regrouping and building their cyber resilience, Cybersecurity Collaborative, in association with its parent company, CyberRisk Alliance, announced a $1 million fund to assist them.

What this Means

The primary beneficiaries of this fund are organizations whose cybersecurity resources have been impacted inadvertently by COVID-19. The fund includes a limited number of complimentary memberships for academic and public sector organizations. The Cyber Resiliency Fund is intended to help companies better their cybersecurity operations by providing them immediate access to essential cybersecurity resources and tools — against widely exploited threats such as ransomware, phishing, and worms. Some tools also help in securing work-from-home environments. Additionally, it has also made grants available to commercial sector organizations at a subsidized first-year membership (50% of the total dues) in the Cybersecurity Collaborative group.

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Perks of Cybersecurity Collaborative

Cybersecurity Collaborative provides members a wide range of strategic, technical, and leadership development benefits, including access to a private library of over 150 CISO-developed policy documents and guidance frameworks. It enables the members to consult a “CISO Rapid Response Team,” which gives advice on real-time business issues. The organization is led by an executive committee comprising of leaders from respected companies with exceptional cybersecurity operations background, including YUM! Brands, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, American Family Insurance, JP Morgan Chase, and others.

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The new fund is supported by CyberRisk Alliance, an integrated provider of content, event, digital media, and peer collaboration services to the cybersecurity community. John Whelan, CyberRisk Alliance President said, “Helping cybersecurity leaders raise the effectiveness of their operations is central to our mission. We recognize that it is a difficult time for many organizations to invest in new cybersecurity resources. Thus, we are pleased to offer this fund to make the Collaborative’s important services more accessible.”

The Cyber Resilience Fund grants for strengthening cybersecurity operations are available through December 31, 2020. Technology and security leaders interested in applying on behalf of their should contact the CyberRisk Alliance here.

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