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2018 Predictions…Bugger that, let’s look at what we got right/wrong for 2017


Contributed by Chris Roberts, Chief Security Architect, Acalvio Technologies

Just got asked to put the 2018 predictive hat on…BUT before I do that I want to look back at what I wrote for this year and take an objective (ish) look at how well I read the tea leaves 🙂

We will baseline with the following:


  • Secure design, it is NOT too much to ask for, but it seems too much to be able to deliver. (Nothing changed here, STILL want this!)
  • Honest executives who stand up and take responsibility for being breached IMMEDIATELY. (Couple have, most have still hidden behind a veil of BS)
  • Those very same executives to actually take action BEYOND the first 6 months POST breach. (Yea, not happening here IS IT YAHOO/Etc.)
  • When sales or marketing want a new Cloud service…they actually INVOLVE IT/InfoSec. (Seen more of the collaboration here)
  • Threat intelligence that makes sense AND is usable in a timely manner. (Didn’t I build one?) (Nope, still a mess)
  • People to stop using 123456, Password1 and other bloody useless codes to defend their assets. (Nope, we are still password stupid)
  • Retail, financial, healthcare and other industries hit…when will someone p0wn the lawyers? (Lawyers starting to get hit w00t!!!)
  • Intelligent AI…actually something that works…although possibly I don’t want this? (Hmmm, this IS starting to make its presence felt….)
  • Something that actually stops me from moving away from the first computer we break into. (STILL working on this…)
  • A system my grandmother can use that REMAINS secure past the date of purchase. (Nope, still not there…)


  • All your toasters belong to…NOT YOU (same goes for your fridge, microwave and crockpot.) Oh yea, IoT hacks and BotIoTNets…got this one 🙂
  • Not only is your PC encrypted and ransomed, so is your NEST, Samsung TV, LG Fridge, etc. Ish, ransomware on IoT and portable still not there..damm!
  • We keep hearing that there are shortages in our field; we will continue to feel the negative effects. Yep, this one’s hurting AND will continue to do so…
  • 123456 become 124356, integrity of your data is questioned based on the undetected attacks. The concept of data integrity IS now an issue….yea!
  • All your IT is run by your business units. The cloud disseminates the IT’s ability to manage data. Yep, coming into its own as more and more of an issue…
  • All our data still doesn’t make sense…data analytics and modeling still has a long way to go. Arguably we still generate more data than we can comprehend?
  • Managed security services will continue to grow; all MY problems become YOURS (hopefully.) Yep, MORE and MORE getting into the VSOC world
  • The ability for LE around the globe to continue to collaborate on key issues WILL grow. Ish, need others to chime in here…
  • Blockchain and BitCoin get used to those two words…they will continue to evolve and grow. Yea, I win the buzzword bingo on this one!
  • The continued evolution of the attackers Swiss army knife of leased/purchased exploits avenues. Unfortunately yes, this one is a nasty reality…
  • The evolution of non-traditional security. The Stack we have doesn’t work, time for something new. STILL have a LOT to do before we kick reactive security out…
  • IF Amazon or anyone fully realizes drone delivery then watch drone-jacking become “a thing.” Dammit, still hoping this one comes true in 2018 😉

Thanks folks 🙂

2018’s list will be out soon-ish 🙂

This appeared as a LinkedIn article, and is published with Chris Robert’s permission.

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