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Cerberus – A Banking Trojan Disguised as Currency Converter

Researchers from Avast discovered a malicious Android app “Cerberus” on the Google Play store spreading a banking Trojan. The Trojan was being spread via...

The Underbelly of COVID-19: Malware and Ransomware Ramp Up

Cybercriminals are known to leverage global phenomena for personal gain, be it the elections or the Olympic Games. And COVID-19 is no different. Scammers...

Malware Alert! New Android Mobile Banking Trojan ‘EventBot’ Debuts

Researchers at Cybereason Nocturnus have discovered EventBot, a new type of Android mobile malware that exploits Android’s accessibility features. It steals the victim’s data...

Ursnif Malware Spam Targets Germany Using German Language

Cybersecurity researchers have observed a recent trend of Ursnif malware spam specifically targeting German nationals using a spam email message written in German language....

Lazarus Hacking Group Strikes Again with Fileless Malware

Researchers discovered a new kind of “Fileless Malware” distributed by the infamous Lazarus APT Hackers Group.  According to a security researcher from K7 Labs,...

Attackers Using Facebook’s Ads Manager as Cyberespionage Tool

A newly discovered Trojan, dubbed Socelars, allows bad actors to access Facebook advertisements, the Bleeping Computer reported. The issue came to light after a security...

New Malware “PyXie” Uses Trojanized Tetris Game

Researchers have discovered a malware operation that uses a trojanized version of Tetris game to target healthcare and educational institutions for credential stealing. Security pros at Blackberry Cylance stated...

Researchers Found New Banking Malware “Ginp”

Researchers exposed a new form of banking malware named “Ginp” targeting Android users. According to specialists from ThreatFabric, attackers use Ginp malware to steal...

Mispadu Malvertising Trojan: An Un-Happy Meal for McDonalds

Beware! The Mispadu Trojan is collecting victim’s payment-card and online banking details by malvertising as McDonalds free meal coupon ads. Mispadu is a banking trojan...

RAT Attack: Double Whammy

A new malware recently surfaced with a very low detection rate and capability of delivering multiple Trojans to infect computers. The researchers from Fortinet...