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“All sectors can benefit from a simulated targeted attack”

On the surface, a Red Team exercise appears like a scene straight out of a Hollywood movie. Spies masquerading as employees walking straight into...

FireEye Discloses Breach and Theft of its Red Team Tools

Popular cybersecurity firm FireEye announced that it is a victim of a sophisticated state-sponsored cyberattack. In an official release, the company stated that the...

Continuous Tests in Cybersecurity Controls and Process

Much is said about the importance of security testing, regardless of what we call them, be it Pentest, Ethical Hacking, Red Team or whatever....

“CISA is taking a holistic approach to securing systems across sectors”

Brian Harrell was appointed by the President of the United States in December 2018 to serve as the Department of Homeland Security’s Assistant Secretary...

How a Red Team Engagement Can Improve Your Security Preparedness

You may have a very mature security program for your organization with comprehensive technical and administrative security controls.  You have stopped a variety of...

NULLCON Stresses Need for International Cooperation to Mitigate New Threat Vectors

The first day of the NULLCON International Security Conference 2020 here in Goa, India (5 - 6 March), saw many young security enthusiasts, consultants,...