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Double Whammy: Meet Ransomware 2.0

Ransomware operators and their ransomware attacks are becoming more rampant and successful than ever. Ransomware groups are always leveraging a combination of factors to...

Fleeceware Apps Continue to Deceit Consumers; Scammers Earn S400 Mn

Cybersecurity experts discovered hundreds of fleeceware mobile applications on the Apple Store and Google Play Store tricking thousands of unwitting users into paying unnecessary...

Million Dollar Business: Ransomware Gangs Scooped $350 Mn in 2020

Ransomware attacks were the most observed security threats among various cybercriminal activities in 2020. Cybercriminals target victims by encrypting their sensitive files, with an...

Zoom’s Video-teleconferencing Platform Still at Risk: FBI Warns

Despite regular security updates and features, cyberthreats on Zoom applications have become rampant. In the wake of the pandemic, the popular video conferencing platform...

Pledge to Backup Your Data This World Backup Day

Information is new money in this modern digital world. Everything revolves around information, and it has become the fuel for many businesses. For instance,...

Ziggy Ransomware Gang Announces Shutdown; Offers to Refund Ransom Payments

Whether it is a discount or inadvertent deduction, getting a refund is always a delight for everyone. But what’s unbelievable is receiving the same...