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UNICC and Group-IB Take Down 134 Fake Websites Impersonating WHO

Group-IB, in coordination with the United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC), has taken down a massive fake websites campaign in which 134 fraudulent websites were...

Operation Falcon: INTERPOL Nabs Three Nigerian BEC Scammers

Based on the inputs from the threat hunting and analytics company, Group-IB, the INTERPOL conducted “Operation Falcon,” which saw three Nigerian BEC scammers getting...

Cybersecurity Approaches in the Coronavirus Era

For a world that is beset by numerous health and economic woes, one extra challenge seems anything but fair. But from the perspective of...

Ripple20 Sends Ripples Across Industries with 19 Critical Vulnerabilities

An Israeli security company, JSOF, found 19 critical vulnerabilities in a widely used Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) software library developed by an Ohio-based...

Official reCAPTCHA Walls Protect Phishing Campaigns

Researchers at Barracuda Networks have reported an increase in phishing attacks using official reCAPTCHA walls to avoid detection from email security solutions. This technique of phishing...

OurMine Group Announces Comeback, Hacks 15 NFL Teams’ Twitter Handles

The cybercriminal group OurMine hacked 15 Twitter accounts of the U.S. National Football League (NFL) teams including NFL’s handle and posted a message, “Hi,...