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Google Calendar Possibly Revealing Users’ Data: Researcher

Security researchers have issued a warning over how attackers are exploiting Google’s Calendar feature to target users with a credential-stealing attack. Avinash Jain, a security...

Microsoft owned GitHub acquires Semmle

Microsoft-owned GitHub recently announced that it has acquired code analysis provider Semmle in an undisclosed amount. Based in San Francisco, Semmle develops an engineering...

Cyberinc partners with InfiniVAN

Cybersecurity startup Cyberinc recently announced its partnership with InfiniVAN to provide local web isolation cloud solutions in the Philippines. The alliance integrates Cyberinc's Isla...

1,000 percent increase in DNS amplification attacks since 2018

By Augustin Kurian The second quarter of 2019 saw a major swelling of DNS amplification attacks reaching a whopping 1,000 percent spike. The report...

Researchers Uncover Espionage Operation using ‘Simjacker Vulnerability’

Security researchers at AdaptiveMobile Security, a Cyber-Telecoms Security company, uncovered a new undetected vulnerability that’s being exploited by attackers for targeted surveillance of Android...

Cybersecurity Startup Cyware Secures US$ 3 Million

Threat intelligence and cyber fusion product-based security startup Cyware Labs, recently raised US$ 3 million in a seed funding round led by Emerald Development...

Ransomware Attack Affects 300,000 Patients in Utah

Protected Health Information of more than 300,000 patients of the physician group named Premier Family Medical at Utah was compromised in a recent ransomware...

‘Get’ App Data Breach affects 50,000 University Students in Australia

Around 50,000 students in Australia who are using Get, an events-scheduling application, may have had their private data exposed online. It’s said the potential...

Four in Five Schools in the UK suffer Security Incident: Report

A recent cybersecurity audit revealed that four out of five schools in the United Kingdom have suffered a security incident like phishing, malware, and...

Google researchers disclose major security flaws in iPhones

Security researchers discovered that an iPhone could be turned into a surveillance tool that can expose the victim’s sensitive information, including contacts, Live Location,...