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Being Compliant Gives Organizations a False Sense of Security

Ditmar Tavares, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Mariner Innovations, explains where organizations fall short in their awareness about threats that target their business and employees.

While cybersecurity awareness is improving within organizations, they are failing with threat protection because they are unaware of the threats they are facing in the context of their business and employees. In a video interview with Brian Pereira, Editor-in-Chief, CISO MAG, Ditmar Tavares, Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Mariner Innovations, breaks this down for us and elaborates on the areas where organizations are falling short.

Tavares sees organizations changing their awareness, thanks to the incidents reported in the news. He says most of them are taking steps to be more secure. He breaks down cybersecurity awareness into two portions: being aware of the field, which he considers “pretty good” as everybody knows what it is and what they are concerned about.

The second part of it seems to be a problem — how well organizations know about the treats they are facing, specifically based on what they do, the risk that they are introducing with the actions they take, with the data they are collecting — or even with the social media posts their employees are doing.

He believes risks are introduced with the third-party organizations they do business with. That is where most organizations are falling short. He wishes they knew what matches their needs, gaps, and what they need to do and tailor to their expectations.

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