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Defend Your Data with a Sense of Sertainty

Sertainty self protecting data platform

Sertainty Self-Protecting-Data is an advanced technology that provides data the awareness to act and react, enabling security directly at the data layer.

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In recent years, CISO’s have increasingly invested in cybersecurity tools and processes that focus on data supply chain operations, user-based event analytics, and automated threat hunting capabilities. Security professionals have implemented countless defensive measures and complex encryption solutions, but attackers have somehow always managed a way to circumvent them. Attackers and threat actors have evolved, stolen, and exploited the most valuable customer and company asset – DATA. The size of the organization and the quantity of data does not matter, big or small, they are all TARGETS for attackers.


Data is a passive and defenseless participant in systems that are inherently vulnerable. Systems were never designed to control data but to protect it. The problem with data is that it is neither self-protecting nor self-aware, it can be manipulated, exposed, and exploited. But imagine a solution that transforms your data into a self-reliant, self-aware, and self-protecting asset.

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Have ‘Sertainty’ in Your Data Security

The Sertainty Self-Protecting-Data technology enables developers to mix intelligence into data-files, giving data an ability to act and react to its environment. It shifts data control and risk mitigation from an indirect/re-active paradigm to a direct/active paradigm by delivering “data-layer” governance, provenance, and protection into your intra and inter-network data workflow solutions.

Sertainty Self-Protecting-Data (SPD) reduces the dependency on trusted insiders and system hardware. SPD enables the data-owner to store and share valuable information without increasing the risk of data leak or manipulation. No longer is there a perimeter or extraneous control of data exerted by an application like a firewall or other system; the data controls, protects, and mitigates risks itself – in real-time.

Salient Features


With Sertainty, data governs itself by first determining its environment (physical device, location, time, etc.) when an entity attempts access to important information. If an anomaly is detected, the self-governing data takes appropriate action. This includes denial of access to data, alerting the data-owner, requesting access permission from external authority, presenting an alternate or hoax view to the user or process, and in certain scenarios self-destruct to mitigate risk.


Sertainty deploys anti-tampering technology and maintains a record of ownership which assures integrity of the data. The record of ownership includes environment(s), access attempts and event occurrences. These event logs are irrefutable, provide a chain of custody, and are protected with Sertainty SPD technology.


Sertainty technology provides security and controls within the data file, reducing the dependency on infrastructure (hardware, firewalls, endpoints, etc.) for protection and governance. Encryption keys are never exposed. Instead, your data manages the keys internally, removing the vulnerability of shared/stolen keys.

Product Offering                                    

 Sertainty Self-Protecting-Data Technology Platforms 

Enterprise Self-Protecting-Data platforms include the Self-Protecting-Files Platform, Self-Protecting-Messages Platform and the Self-Protecting-Cloud Platform.  Each are augmented with Mobile Channel add-ons (Android, iOS) and SIEM plug-ins (Splunk, Devo, Elastic).  Sertainty SPD technology is agnostic to OS and cloud architectures.

 Self-Protecting-Files Platform 

The SPFiles Platform includes a developer’s kit (SDK) allowing custom build of an SPD application. SPD’s ability to selectively decrypt information in the data file for any given user ensures that the right user, at the right time, has the right information, without exposing any other information in the file.

 Self-Protecting-Messages Platform 

The Self-Protecting-Messages (SPMessages) Platform provides an effective way to implement secure machine-to-machine or node-to-node messages where encryption is heavy and maintenance intensive. SPMessages is a light-weight mechanism for IIoT, SCADA, ICS communication environments for machines, devices and applications to guarantee the integrity of the message and ensure both the sender and receiver to be legitimate.

 Self-Protecting-Cloud Platform 

Compliance with regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, PCI and NIST 800 is increasingly required of all participants in the supply chain and Sertainty’s SPD Platform enables an elegant and simple solution to comply with these regulations.