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Automating Cyber Hygiene Will Become Increasingly Important

What will Cybersecurity be like in 2022? It is that time of the year when we think about the year gone by and wonder...
Building Pro-Active Security Hygiene Helps in Preventing Ransomware Attacks: Microsoft

Building Pro-Active Security Hygiene Helps in Preventing Ransomware Attacks: Microsoft

Threat actors have reinvented their attack approaches during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Several new cybersecurity scams and ransomware activities have risen during the pandemic....
Improving Cyber Hygiene

Improving Cyber Hygiene with Greater Social Cybersecurity Engagement

You don’t have to look too far around to find someone who may not be practicing proper cyber hygiene in order to protect themselves...
User Verification Policy, zero trust approach

6 Practices to Strengthen Your Password Hygiene in 2020

By Rudra Srinivas The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the United Kingdom recently issued a warning to its citizens to have stronger and unique...
Outsource the work but never the risk

Outsource The Work But Never The Risk

Ransomware attacks, attacks on critical infrastructure, and supply chains dominated the news in 2021. The experts say all this would continue in 2022, though...
Data Privacy Week 2022

What the Cybersecurity Leaders Are Saying About Data Privacy

Security intrusions and data breaches continue to be severe concerns for organizations and users’ data privacy. Despite constant cybersecurity awareness campaigns, several people still...
Data Privacy Week

Data Privacy Week: The 3 Ps Vital to Enhancing Your Online Data Privacy

With cybersecurity awareness being a primary topic for security leaders, Data Privacy Week (January 24-28) is a good time to reflect on the importance of data...
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Cybercriminals Will leverage IoT and 5G for Large-Scale Attacks

In 2022, Cybercriminals will leverage the combination of IoT and 5G to conduct large-scale attacks, and attributing these attacks may become much more challenging....
Cybersecurity Predictions

Cybersecurity Will Become the Top Agenda in Boardroom Discussions

Among my three cybersecurity predictions for 2022, the one that I am optimistic about is cybersecurity getting more mindshare in the boardroom.  Expect to...
Ransomware Resilience Summit Series

Experts to Convene at Ransomware Resilience Summit Series

Ransomware attacks have surged 311% in the past year with a business now being attacked every 11 seconds. From crippling the Irish healthcare system...